Monday, September 27, 2010

Quick Post Before Dinner

I thought I would post quick before I go out to dinner. I had the chance today to sleep in! Yay! But then we did some quick shopping like actual tourists bought some keychains and magnets. Then we got "cited" for being pretty girls by a fake police officer who was actually raising money for New Orleans Meals on wheels. It was a pretty funny way to get people interested so Niky and I both donated a dollar to him.

I was told I couldn't get into the edible school yard because the head chef was unavailable for the week because the school is on break. Colleen decided it would be a good idea to just go and maybe get some pictures outside of it. So a few of us went and Becky suggested after walking around the outside of the fence that I should climb on top of the van and take pictures over the fence. So as I was climbing a woman pulled up in a pick up and when she got out Becky started to talk to her. She said it was okay if we went in. So we did and I took lots of pictures of the plants and the outdoor classroom. But it was really hard trying to show that it was a schoolyard not just a garden. But then a girl named Alisha came, she was a junior at another school but she used to go to school there when the edible school yard first started and now she works there. Then after that someone else showed up. It ended up being the garden teacher! Which was super exciting I got to talk to them about the school, gardening and their personal lives a little bit. I got some great pictures and will edit after dinner and possibly post a few of my favorite and some of the shoot yesterday.

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