Tuesday, September 21, 2010

It's Count Down Time....!

So I haven't updated lately, but New Orleans is in 3 days! I'm excited and nervous. I haven't heard anything back from a contact I made through my instructor so I haven't even gotten her phone number! Scary... but I still have a couple days and I want to make some solid appointments soon.

I am focusing on children at least one for sure, some shots that I hope to get are:

- a shot of a classroom, from behind all of the children focusing on the teacher
- some shots of a kindergartner as they get ready for school and coming home
       -brushing teeth
       -putting back pack on
       - facing out of the door with backpack on
       - coming inside the house, shot from inside facing the model

This clearly depends on if I get someone who is willing to let me into their home with them.

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  1. K-
    Have you contacted all of the contacts we got for you last week? Are you getting my emails? Call me.