Saturday, September 25, 2010

First Day Out

So guess who was up and ready by 6:30 am after going to bed after 3:00 am...yes, yes I made it. Along with everyone else, well one person missed it. It was beautiful. We went and walked around Bourbon Street which was quite a bit different from the three hours before. Pictures to come soon I wanted to get an initial post for the day before I get into pictures. We also took a "Hurricane Katrina Tour" which I wasn't too sure about because I'm never really into those real touristy things. As we were on the buses we passed people sitting on their porches and I kept wondering what are they thinking about us?

Also, Shelly had a good day it was nice of her to share her contact with Devin and I. I have a solid appointment tomorrow morning with Robert and his granddaughters. I knew Robert had a rough story but I didn't know if I wanted to hear it until Shelly did her documentary and told us about it and all that. But after meeting him and he was willing to let me photograph his granddaughters I figured it was time and for the record I just spent the last 20 minutes crying. Here is a link: This was incredible. I knew there was a hint of something bad, you know going into his yard that two people had died, an older woman and a younger one, only 3 years old. Then when he was talking to me he said it's okay tomorrow if I want to ask them questions while we shoot. He said they aren't phased by what happened if you ask them they won't be emotional is what I'm getting out of it, because they were so young, two and four years old. Their sister was in between them at three. He said that even though they watched their sister fall into 25 feet of water they're not phased. WOW.  I couldn't even believe what I read. That's all I can say. You have to read it and I don't think anyone can get through that story without reacting in a similar way to the way I did.

To answer my question from above from one person's perspective, Robert said and I'm paraphrasing so don't take this as a quote from him, but something a long the lines of the people on those buses care enough to come see what has happened and that's a good thing. It shows that people want to help New Orleans.

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