Tuesday, September 7, 2010

New Group Found

In researching for my project I've found a group, or more so an action called Project Fleur-de-lis.

The website is http://www.project-fleur-de-lis.org

Here is the "Our Project" section of the website. I almost can't believe someone put something like this together. It's great though that this has been put in place to help children of all ages before problems get worse.

Project Fleur-de-lis™ core services aim to:
• address symptoms of trauma at the earliest stage before they interfere with a child’s educational, social or emotional functioning;
• heal school communities through multidisciplinary programing that utilizes best practice intentions.
• remain integrated in school communities to provide ongoing mental health care.

Project Fleur-de-lis™ provides specialized training and professional support for school-based counselors. To give the highest level of care, counselors use a cutting-edge electronic records system to track students’ progress and connect with participating physicians, psychologists and therapists.
Project Fleur-de-lis™ facilitates the following comprehensive services based on need.

For Children
• School-wide intervention programs
• Classroom-based intervention programs
• In-school counseling
• Assessment, evaluation and referral by professional counselors
• Individual and family counseling
For Parents and Teachers
• Educational and healing workshops
• Wrap-around services such as food, clothing and financial assistance
Project Fleur-de-lis™ employs the following trauma informed interventions within its tiered model of care: Classroom-Camp-Community-Culture Based Intervention (Macy, Macy, Gross & Brighton, 2006) Cognitive Behavioral Intervention for Trauma in Schools (CBITS) (Jaycox, 2003), and Trauma Focused – Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (Cohen, Mannarino & Deblinger, 2006).
Three Tiers of Care
Project Fleur-de-lis™ is designed to help traumatized students via a "Stepped Trauma Pathway" that includes the interventions listed above. Project Fleur-de-lis™ is designed to also identify and address all other psychological or psychoeducational problems that occur in children and adolescents. Studies show that 80 – 90% of those touched will be helped in the first tier of care."

I want to contact someone at this organization and see what they're all about in person.

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