Wednesday, September 8, 2010

I've Made Contact!

So yesterday I decided to email the person in charge of Project Fleur-de-lis since it was outside of the hours when I found the information. I just checked my email and guess what? He answered back and I must say it's VERY exciting to finally see something in your in box when calls didn't work.

I emailed explaining who I was, what I'm doing and when I'll be there. I then explained how I will be trying to focus mainly on 5 year old children, so pre-k and kindergarten students. I also sent a link to my blog so they could see the progress that I have been making and that way they know it's a real person trying to make a contact.

He responded saying they have 58 schools participating in their program and he is going to ask who would best fit and be willing to let me in.

My freaked out feeling I had while walking in to school is now replaced with total excitement. NOW this project seems real.

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