Friday, October 1, 2010

Last Day In NOLA :(

Today is the day we leave NOLA and I keep thinking of an article in the Oxford American where the writer says NOLA never leaves your heart. I want to come back!! Well really I don't want to leave. Niky said today if home could come to here it would be okay. I thought that was funny.

In all of the go-go-going we did I did manage to buy some souvenirs for some people close to me :) and I bought one of those cheesy tourist shirts that say I <3 NOLA and a few things for myself. I managed to have some really good food as well. But I wish I could come back soon! Usually when you go somewhere you miss home, which I did, but when I go back I feel like I might miss NOLA just a little bit :).

We also had a little critique last night at the New Orleans Photo Alliance which I think went well. Becky suggested that I become pen pals with the children that I've photographed and include that into my final product for this class. I thought this was a really cute idea and I want to contact the parents and see what they think.

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